Lady Onyx

Lady Onyx
Lady Onyx

Lady Onyx Marble is most popular for its beautiful texture and design. It provide a perfectly balanced and elegant appearance to customer’s living spaces.


It Cherished For its:

1. Optimum quality

2. Exquisite appearance

3. Brilliant combination of colors

4. Excellent Luster


It is Available In Various, Shapes and Sizes, and also known as Aravali onyx, Indian onyx.


Specification of Lady Onyx :

1. Available in Slabs – 120cm x240cm & up x 2cm, 150cm x 270 cm & up x 2cm, 180cm up x 300cm & up x 20mm

2. Tiles Sizes- 30x30cm, 30x60cm, 40x40cm, 60x40cm, 60x60cm, 60x90cm, and other sizes are available on demand

3. Thickness : 10mm ,12mm. 15mm, 18mm ,20mm, 30mm 40mm, 50mm,60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100 mm


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