Lady Purple Marble

Lady Purple Marble

This marble has been used as a premium choice for the people since many years. This marble due to its graceful color matches with many interior and exterior products or places which helps to enhance the beauty of indoor or outdoor. We provide our client’s demands, a well finished and smooth textured Marble available with plenty of dimensional specifications at very economical price range. It is proved to be ideal for interior as well as exterior cladding, flooring and decoration purposes. These exhibits great features like strength & resistant to corrosive materials.

Lady Purple Marble Slab

Lady Purple Marble
Lady Purple Marble


  1. Uniformity.
  2. Resistant to corrosive materials.
  3. Precision cut & Excellent finish.
  4. Durable.
  5. Flawless & Elegant design.
  6. Shinny in look.
  7. Heavy gloss mirror polish.
  8. Available in different textures and Fascinating colors.
  9. Available in different dimensions, varieties or Patterns.
  10. Less maintenance.
  11. Very economical & Available at affordable prices.


  1. Counter tops.
  2. Indoor/Outdoor Flooring.
  3. Wall cladding.
  4. Sculptures.
  5. Backslashes.
  6. Pool copings.
  7. Landscaping.
  8. Fireplaces.
  9. Door and window framing.

Products Availability:

Available Sizes in Slabs

Length: Up to 10 feet

Height: Up to 6 feet

Thickness: 14 mm to Any Thickness

Available Sizes in Tiles

Minimum: 12 inch x 12 inch

Up to: 48 inch x 24 inch

Thickness: 14 mm to 20 mm

Available Sizes in Blocks

Minimum: 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet

Finishes: Polished / Unpolished / Lather / Antique Honed / Bush Hammered .

Special size, thickness and finishes orders are also accepted.

To get Best Quality of Lady Purple Marble, please visit or write to .


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