Lady Purple Marble

Lady Purple Marble
Lady Purple Marble

Lady purple marble is one of the best marble product in the marble industry. This lady purple marble is most useful in making of attractive and impressive floors, kitchen stand and other products.

                                The lady purple marble is also known by various names just like Indian o statu ario, Banswara purple marble, Indian white marble,  INDIAN CARARA etc.

Lady purple marble is available in various cut to size, texture, range of colour, designs, and different thickness. It can be used in dining room, bed room, study room and any other place of our house, office etc. If we making a book shelf or rack from this marble then it’s looking very good.


 Lady purple marble is famous for its best quality, long service, good looking, different texture, range of colours and many other qualities.

                We provide a high range and best quality of lady purple marbles to our customer at very sufficient cost.

We also supplies this marble to many other leading states, countries and marble import/export companies according to their requirement. We have this product in all major quality and finishes, accepted sizes and thickness as par customer requirement.

   To get best quality of Lady Purple Marble please visit or write to







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