Deoli Green Slate

Deoli Green Slate
Deoli Green Slate

                                                               Deoli Green Slate


The origin of Deoli Green Slate is Rajasthan in India.

It has a Green shiny colour on its base and shiny lining texture. The Deoli Green Slate has a great shining properties. It is a popular decorative stone because of its shining colour, attractive pattern and design. Deoli Green slate tiles are useful for wall cladding, roofing and flooring. The Deoli green slate is suitable for both interior and exterior application.


The Deoli green slate has a very graceful and naturally finishing on its surface. It can be available in various sizes and pattern.


Specification of Deoli Green Slate

Dimension: 30×30 cm, 40×40 cm, 60×30 cm, 60×60 cm, 60×40 cm, 60×90 cm Cut to size Tiles


Finishes: Both sides Natural, Both sides Sawn, One side natural & one side Polished/honed


Forms: Tiles, Slabs, Blocks, Cobbles


Thickness: 2.5 – 4 cms


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