Dholpur Red Sandstone..

Dholpur Red Sandstone
Dholpur Red Sandstone

Sandstone, it is a stationary rock composition created, mainly by as small as sand sized mineral particle or rock chunk. Many of the sandstones are composited by quartz or feldspar as they are most of common minerals in the Earth’s crust. As well as sand, sandstone is available in many colors, but most often used colors are, red, tan brown, gray, yellow, white pink, and black. Mostly sandstone is used because this is economically cheaper but gives a fantabulous look as natural stone for building and other commercial or artistic purposes.


This is originated in the Jodhpur city (Rajasthan), so that is known as Jodhpur Red stone, and also it came from Lalitpur (Uttar Pradesh) in India.


    Red Fort of Delhi made up of

               Red sand stone


  • Famous Fort In the capital of India (Delhi) is made up of Red stone so that is also famous by the name Red Fort, The Red Fort was the residence of the Mughal emperors of India. It is situated in the centre of Delhi having a number of museums. In addition, providing residance to the emperors and their relatives, it was the ceremonial and political centre of Mughals.
    Red Fort
    Red Fort







Technical Specifications:

 Density: min lb/ft3 (kg/m3) 125 (2000) 150 (2400) 160 (2560)

Absorption by weight: max, % 8.00 3.00 1.00

Compressive strength: min, psi (MPa) 4000 (28) 10,000 (69) 20,000 (138)

Modulus of rupture: min, psi (MPa) 350 (2.41) 1000 (6.89) 2000 (13.79)

Abrasion resistance: min, hardness* 2 8 8

Available finishes are:


  1. Natural / Rough
  2. Polished/ Honed / Sawn
  3. Sand Blasted/ Shot Blasted
  4. Brush Finished
  5. Flaming


Edges are available

All four edges Hand Cut / Hand Chiseled

All Four edges Machine cut / Sawn


Tiles available

30 X 30 / 60 X 30 / 40 X 40 / 60 X 40 60 X 60 / 60 X 90 (cm)

Other sizes can be made as per client requirement


Thickness available

15 mm to 50 mm with a tolerance of ±5mm (For Natural surface only)

18 mm to 600 mm with a tolerance of ±2mm (For Both sides Sawn only)


Slab sizes available

Cut to size slabs Up to 2200 mm length and 1200 mm width


To get more information please visit us at http://marbleindian.com/sandstone1.html or write us at contact@marbleindian.com.



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