Raw Silk Granite..

Raw Silk Granite
Raw Silk Granite

Raw Silk granite is produced by the steady cooling and crystallization of liquefied stone below pressure. This granite is available in pink colored formation with lining shades or swirls. Raw Silk Granite is a mixture of brownish and yellowish streaks on back. Variation in which raw silk granite comes is not much. Varieties in which it mostly comes are of different colors that can be black, grey, pink, multi colored etc.


The Raw silk granite should be handled under the surveillance of trained worker having good knowledge and superior techniques, In order to get the best quality; this comes in different designs, sizes and patterns as per the requirements.


As some other granite this is also available in the form of slabs and blocks as well as tiles formats. This granite is applied in different places like roofing, wall-cladding, kitchen platform, counter tops, and all other exterior as well as interior applications depending upon the imagination of an architect.


  • Immaculate finish
  • Startling design
  • Crack-resistance
  • Easy to fit by professionals

Properties of Raw Silk Granite: In terms of its physical properties Imperial gold granite is one of the best granite in industry. These properties lending uniqueness to Imperial gold granite are:

  1. Porosity/Permeability – This has almost negligible porosity which is in between 0.8 to 3%.
  2. Thermal Stability – This Granite is thermally highly stable, so it shows no changes with the changing temperature. It is one of the highly resistance to chemical.

To get more information please visit us at http://marbleindian.com/southgranite.html or write us at contact@marbleindian.com.


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