Imperial Gold Granite

Imperial Gold Granite
Imperial Gold Granite

Imperial Gold granite is used for the indoor and outdoor decoration with graceful, unique and classical effect. Imperial gold granite is dark gold in color and is recommended mainly for cladding purpose.

Kushalbagh Marbles are well known manufacturer and exporter of Imperial gold Granite gang saw slabs which possesses qualities such as highly durability, fine polished, long lasting luster along with great strength. Due to these qualities it is in demand worldwide.
It possesses features like low maintenance, resistant to adverse weather, fireproof and everlasting finish.

It is especially used for countertops, exterior, flooring, high traffic, interior and tabletops. These Imperial Gold granites are available in various patterns and textures and are rich in vivid colors.
The golden look of the Imperial Gold Granite gives a royal feel when used in the flooring. The texture of these granite slabs creates a mesmerizing effect. These granite slabs exhibit high characteristics such as high compressive strength, high tensile strength, and uniformity, hence are extremely suitable for all kinds of interiors and exteriors. These slabs add charm and value to your space.

Physical Properties of Imperial gold Granite: In terms of its physical properties Imperial gold granite is one of the best granite in industry. These properties lending uniqueness to Imperial gold granite are:

  1. Porosity/Permeability – Imperial gold Granite has almost negligible porosity ranging between 0.2 to 4%.
  2. Thermal Stability – Imperial gold Granite is thermally highly stable, so it shows no changes with the changing temperature. Imperial gold Granite is impervious to weathering from temperature and even from the air borne chemicals. It is the highly resistance to chemical erosion which makes this granite useful for making tanks to store highly caustic material.
  3. Co-efficient of Expansion – The co-efficient of expansion for Imperial gold granite varies from 4.7×10-6 – 9.0×10-6(inch x inch).
  4. Variegation – Imperial gold Granite shows consistency in color and texture.
  5. Hardness – It is the one of the hardest building stone and hardness of Imperial gold granite that lends it excellent wear.

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