Pink Onyx..

Pink Onyx Marble
Pink Onyx Marble

All onyx has naturally occurring cracks and fissures, so that Pink onyx, It is a fragile material. Expect to see factory repairs. The quality of the repair is dependent upon the factory of origin, the fabricator of the stone an well as the installer. But somehow this is the best feature of Pink onyx as it is fragile material, if used by an experienced person, it can some of the best marble monuments.

This marble is very delicate so it should be used in a proper manner, This is also famous with some another name such as, Alba chira, Indian onyx, Aravali onyx.


Technical Specs:

Abrasion resistance : This material has low abrasion resistance. It rates as a 1-3 on the Mohs scale. Light scratching will occur with exposure to sand and other abrasives. The finish will patina or dull over time as a result of this scratching. Always use a cutting board for countertop applications and walk-off mats at entrances in flooring applications.

Absorption : This material has a medium to high absorption rate. Always seal this material prior to use. Properly seal the material prior to grouting by applying several coats of sealant or until water beads up on the surface. Use Fila PRW200 to avoid staining from grout residues and specify a grout color that is similar to the color of the stone to avoid color bleeding into the material. Use low moisture setting materials. To reduce the appearance of stains, always wipe up spills immediately. Oil and highly-pigmented liquids can penetrate and stain the stone and may need poultice to remove the stain.

Acid sensitivity: This material is highly sensitive to acids. Acid etching will be highly visible on this material when exposed to acidic foods such as lemons or tomatoes. Do not use this material on kitchen counter-top applications where acid etching is a concern. If acid etching is a concern, select a minimally sensitive material.

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