Opal White Marble



Opal White, Banswara Marble.
Opal White Marble

Opal white marble is best quality & exclusive stone product of Rajasthan marble and stone industry. It available in many cut to size in polished, unpolished and other ways.  Opal White Marble is very popular among Indian Marble Stones.

Opal white marble is available in impressive design, long service, water resistant having great quality. In looking this marble is simple but we can’t forget that “simplicity is quality of Royalty”,so it simple but pretty royal.

At the bellow image we can see it’s naturality and great design. It is popular for it’s rich looking and beautiful colors.

We provide it in a rang of gorgeous colors and attractive designs.


banswara marble, indian marble, white opal, kushalbagh marble.
Opal White Marble slab









We provide it in various colors,textures,and best quality. It can be available  in different size and thickness. The value of every individual opal white marble is differs depending  on the unique quality of the opal. It has many types of characters including body tone, presentation of color, texture, play of colors and other factor.

We supply a best quality of opal white marble at very sufficient cost to our customer.

To get best quality Opal White Marble/ Banswara white Marble please visit www.marbleindian.com or write to contact@marbleindian.com


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